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Cinnamon's Buns

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     The Cinnamon_Twist YouTube channel described itself as a “let’s play channel with a cinnamon twist.” There were new videos uploaded daily and live streams three times a week. It was quite an undertaking considering that all of the videos were filmed and edited by Cinnamon herself.


     Cinnamon, or Kendra as she was referred to on her driver’s license, was twenty-four years old. She had no college education or marketable skills, but she had an intense desire to be famous. She was too genuine to ever be a good actor, and she’d long since accepted that singing was out of the question. Cinnamon did have a lot going for her though. She was cute, she was clever, and most importantly, she had the drive to keep making new content despite any setbacks.


     It wasn’t easy. She made decent money from her content, but she invested the majority of that back into purchasing new equipment and new games to fill her ravenous upload schedule. She was working full time at a local burger joint just to make ends meet. She was desperate for a way to turn her hobby into a career, and her opportunity to take her channel to the next level was approaching at the speed of the US Postal Service.


     “Thanks again for joining me for my stream and a special shout out for all of you Cinnamon-Snacks who decided to donate! See you, same time tomorrow.” Cinnamon blew a kiss to the camera before shutting off her webcam and removing her headphones, which squashed down her wild, red-brown curls. She stood up and stretched.


     Her body was slim and strong despite the sedentary nature of gaming and the diet that comes with working fast food. Cinnamon made an effort to fit going to the gym into her already overfilled schedule. With her naturally golden brown skin, she already had one advantage over the white let’s-players who tended to end up looking like pasty shut-ins. Her looks were a non-zero part of her appeal. She wasn’t going to take them for granted.


She checked her phone. It was set to silent while she was recording and tended to accrue notifications. Sure enough, she had a text message from an unknown number with an attached image. She opened it, expecting an explicit picture from an overzealous fan who’d managed to track down her number. Instead, she was greeted with a picture of her own front door and a package sitting on the welcome mat with “Körperbau Chocolates” printed in large block-letters on the side.


     She let out an involuntary squeal when she realized that the message was nearly two hours old and rushed to the door to check that the package hadn’t been flitched by some intrepid porch-pirate. Much to her relief, the package was waiting safely outside her apartment.


     She grabbed a box cutter off of the kitchen table, which had gotten more and more cluttered as she’d started to eat most of her meals while editing at her desk. She pushed aside a stack of mail. Dropped the box onto the table and deftly sliced through the packing tape to open the box.


     On top was an unsealed envelope, and below that, surrounded by packing peanuts, was a small white box of chocolates. Printed in delicate, cursive lettering was the word “Birne”. On the back of the box were a few paragraphs in a foreign language. She cocked an eyebrow and turned her attention to the envelope, opening it carefully and withdrawing a creamy, unlined piece of paper with a handwritten note.




Dear Cinnamon_Twist


We are overjoyed that you accepted our offer for sponsorship. Included is a sampling of some of our most popular chocolates.


  • We ask that you try them privately before writing your promotion.


  • We ask that your promotion be between thirty seconds to one minute long and appear within the first three minutes of the next video you upload.


  • We ask that you mention both “Körperbau Chocolates” and our “Birne” line by name in your promotion.


We look forward to seeing your promotion and hope to work with you again in the future.


      Cinnamon looked down at the box of chocolates. She lifted the lid to find six chocolates nestled in blister packaging and molded into the shape of tiny pears. She was tempted to grab one, but then checked the clock on her phone. It was past eight PM. She’d try one tomorrow before streaming and then record her promotion later that night.


      She closed up the box, sent a quick email to Körperbau letting them know that she’d received the package, and started to get ready for bed.




      “Hello, my Cinnamon Snacks! Welcome back to Cinnamon Twist: The only let’s play channel with a cinnamon twist.” She winked at the webcam and the chat filled up with heart emojis. “Shout out to Stunted_Homunculus for their donation. Tonight we’re playing more horror games, so take a bathroom break now. I will not be held responsible if you piss yourself later.”


She loaded up the game and the image of her face automatically shrunk down to the bottom corner of the screen. She took a moment to take a drink of water before the game could start in earnest. Work had been particularly stressful today, and, as eager as she was to be streaming, she could feel the exhaustion getting to her. She rolled her shoulders, set her jaw, and put on her game face.


      She screamed when she was supposed to scream and laughed when she was supposed to laugh, and less than thirty minutes in, she was starting to get back into the swing of things. That was when she remembered the candies.


      “Aw heck. I completely forgot. Snacks, I’m sorry. I’m supposed to record a promotion for some chocolates later tonight and I haven’t even tried them yet. You guys won’t be too jealous if I have a piece or two, will you?”


      The chat filled with messages, but Cinnamon didn’t bother reading them as she paused the game and got up to retrieve the box from the table.


      “I won’t name drop just yet, but be sure to check out my next video if you want to know how you can get chocolates just like these.” She held up the tiny brown pear before popping it into her mouth and unpausing the game.


      “Mmmm!” She was still chewing as she spoke. “These are actually really good! I don’t normally do gourmet chocolate, but I might have to order some more of these just for myself.” Despite the promotion, Cinnamon found herself genuinely delighted by the flavor. “I kinda figured they’d be more fruity though. I guess the pear thing is just for show.” She swallowed the last bit of chocolate and ran her tongue over her teeth hoping to get any last tastes of chocolate that she could.


      “Thank you, Spotted_Albatross for your donation. That money is going straight into the chocolate fund.” She plucked another chocolate from the box and popped it into her mouth. Taking her hand off of the mouse nearly resulted in a creature with scythes for arms lopping the head off of her in-game avatar, but she pounded the control key to duck and managed to get her hands back on the controls in time to turn her shotgun on the monster.


      She let out an involuntary moan as she tasted the creamy chocolate. It wasn’t at all bitter or acidic. These guys really knew how to put the “milk” in milk chocolate. She wished she had something other than water to wash it down with.


      “Do you snacks mind if I get myself something to drink?” She paused the game and started to stand, only to be stopped by something. The stream only showed Cinnamon from the chest up and Cinnamon had been entirely engrossed in the game. Neither she nor her fans had noticed what was happening below her hips.


      She yelped as she tried to stand again, this time taking the chair with her. Her behind had billowed impressively and had wedged itself between the armrests of her chair. The basketball shorts that she’d been wearing were now stretched tight and being forced upward toward her comparatively slim waist. She rolled the chair back from the desk and, with both hands, managed to push the chair off of herself.


      The unfortunate side effect of this was that it put her body fully in view of the webcam. The chat exploded. Cinnamon cried out as she felt her behind swell again. There was a ripping sound as the fabric strained to contain her magnificent booty, and the waistline of the shorts migrated toward her navel.


      She had a wedgie like none other, and between that and the embarrassment at what was happening to her, she was having quite a bit of trouble thinking critically. The first thing to do was to turn off the stream. After that she could figure out what was happening to her body. She leaned forward, ignoring the way her behind jiggled as she waddled toward the computer and fumbled with the mouse. She clicked the “X” in the top corner and inadvertently closed the game rather than her streaming software.


      The image of her, which had previously been relegated to a single corner, now filled the screens of everyone watching. Everyone could see Cinnamon leaning over her keyboard and the massive badonk rising behind her. There was a popping sound as the basketball shorts began to give in to the swelling of Cinnamon’s brown behind.


      The fabric gave way with a rip just as Cinnamon managed to close her streaming software and avoid inevitable demonetization. She let out a sigh and sunk to the floor, her softened, bare tush meeting the carpet much sooner than she’d have expected.


      She shoved her face into her palms and groaned for a few moments. She had just given the entire world footage of her going from a size four to a size twenty-four in less than five minutes.


      She sighed, taking her hands away from her face, surveying the damage done to her body. Her hips were wider than her shoulders, and her ass pooled out around her in a flood of flesh the color of… well, cinnamon. She shifted her hips, and she wobbled a good few inches to either side without her butt-cheeks leaving the ground.


      Her thighs hadn’t been spared either, though they did taper toward her knees, and her calves seemed only slightly more plump than normal. By the time she got to her ankles and feet, she looked completely normal. The same could be said up top.


      Her shoulders and chest were totally untouched, but her washboard abs had been replaced with a bit of a pot-belly, which formed a bow shape above her softened pubic mound.


      She struggled to her feet, wobbling all the way, and leaned on the desk for balance. She tried to spread her legs so that her thighs didn’t touch though there was no comfortable way to do that if she wanted to walk. Hundreds of hours on the elliptical had been washed away in an instant.


      How was she supposed to go out like this? Did she even have clothes that would cover her? What would her boss say? What would the internet say? She could already imagine the twitter threads, the videos of her growth set to music; dear god, the memes.


      She pushed those thoughts aside. What should she do? Call a doctor? The police? How do you even make a call like that? “Help, I’ve gone from petite to plus size and I don’t know what to do?”


      How could this even happen? Cinnamon’s eyes fell on the open box of chocolates still sitting next to her keyboard. Suddenly the pear shape made all too much sense.




      “I do hope you realize that it is four in the morning.” A very tired and very annoyed voice said through the phone. His English was impeccable, but he had a thick German accent.


      “The chocolates you sent me turned me into a freak!” Cinnamon yelled. She’d practiced in her head what she’d say once she got through to the chocolate company. Screaming hadn’t been her plan, but she was in a bit of a state at the moment.


      “An American? Would this happen to be Ms. Cinnamon Twist?” The man on the other end asked. Cinnamon felt her face heat up.




      “Ms. Twist, from where did you get this number?”


      “From your website.”


      “And, since I did the translations myself, I know that the product section of that same website includes a description of the candy that we sent you.”


      Cinnamon clicked away from the “contact us” page and onto the tab labeled products. There were a variety of chocolates listed, but she didn’t have to scroll long to find the familiar pear-shaped candies.


      Birne: Pear


      Each of these chocolates is guaranteed to add between twenty and thirty centimeters to hip measurement. Take no more than six at a time. Effects last for one hour.


      “So... It’s not permanent?” Cinnamon asked.


      “Overeating any candy can have a permanent effect on your body, Ms. Twist. But, if taken responsibly, the effects of our candy are completely temporary.”


      Cinnamon sighed and fell back into her chair, her hips initially stopped by the armrests before she plopped down into them.


      “I’m sorry that our candies took you by surprise.” The German man continued. “Tell me, are you still interested in performing our promotion?”


      “That depends…” The fatter girl asked, clicking to the tab that held her rising subscriber count. “How soon could you send me more chocolates?”




      The video of Cinnamon’s ass expanding was viral as soon as her stream ended. No one was sure what to make of it. Was it some sort of elaborate prank or an allergic reaction caught on live broadcast? What made it more mysterious was the fact that the Cinnamon_Twist channel had gone silent.


      In the two years since she’d started making content, Cinnamon hadn’t missed a single upload, but nothing was uploaded the day after her expanding incident. Within hours there were videos reacting to her expansion, debunking it, or theorizing on what could have happened to her. A day later, Cinnamon_Twist uploaded her own video of the footage.


      Cinnamon’s booty gets HUGE - Livestream gone wrong - 1080p


      Naturally, the video received millions of hits, and every one of them watched Cinnamon’s promotion for Körperbau Chocolates.


      “Hey there Cinnamon Snacks!” Cinnamon jumped into frame looking as fit and trim as ever. She turned to show off her small but shapely backside, accentuated by a pair of yoga pants. “Don’t get me wrong. Having a booty this tight is hard work, but have you ever wanted to try something just a little bit bigger?” She holds up one of the pear-shaped chocolates and smiles before popping it into her mouth.


      The camera cuts to a pair of side by side shots of cinnamon’s ass, one flat and one in profile as it expands like two jiggling balloons and begins to hang over her thickening thighs.


      “Get dummy thick yummy quick, with ‘Birne’ by Körperbau Chocolates. And get free international shipping and 20% off your first order when you use the coupon code ‘Cinnamon’ at checkout!” She blew the camera a kiss before the footage cut to her initial expansion.


      The Cinnamon_Twist channel exploded. Dozens of other streamers tried to jump in on the trend by ordering their own chocolates, but Cinnamon had a head start, and she already knew how to make the most of her newfound fame.




      Cinnamon’s next live stream had her biggest turnout yet. Her subscribers had already doubled, and she had nearly ten times as many viewers. The stream started normally. The only indication that something was different was that the video now showed her entire body and that the arm-rests had been removed from her chair.


      “Hello, my Cinnamon Snacks! Welcome back to Cinnamon Twist: The only let’s play channel with a cinnamon twist.” She gave her standard wink. Already donations were flooding in too quickly for her to read them off and the chat was a buzz of demands and excitement.


      “Today we’re playing Bloodborne only this time… with a twist.” She ducked below her desk and returned with a stack of small, white, chocolate boxes. “Every time I die I’ll be eating one of these.” She held up one of the pear-shaped chocolates. Paused for a moment and then popped it into her mouth. The chat became a madhouse as they watched her butt, clad in the stretchiest sweatpants she could find, slowly grow larger as she smirked at the webcam.


      “I’ve never played this game before, so let’s see how far we get.”


      She loaded up the game. She didn’t spend long on character creation, though she did make her avatar a bit thicker than she might have normally. She picked her starting weapon at random and immediately set to work. She died to a wolf creature almost immediately.


      “Oopse.” She grabbed another chocolate and ate it with no additional bluster. She felt her rear fill the seat as she expanded back up to the size she’d been nearly a week ago when she’d first tried the chocolates.


      She died a few more times on her way through the town. Taking a chocolate each time until her behind was overflowing the seat and her sweatpants were stretched tight. She was beginning to pick up on the controls, and, after a few minutes without a death, let a villager kill her just to eat another chocolate.


      The donations were flooding in and Cinnamon was beginning to revel in her new softness. When she needed to open a new box, she found that she could wobble herself sideways and snatch one from the stack before she flopped back into place. She felt like she was on a waterbed made of human flesh, and the more she grew the more it excited her.


      Finally, she reached the first boss. At this point, Cinnamon looked like she was nestled between two beanbag chairs. The enormous sweatpants were keeping her covered, but left little to the imagination, and her round, brown belly had long since breached the confines of her tank top, and the bottom roll of it hung softly in her enormous lap. She rubbed it as she ate another chocolate, marveling in how much of her there was now.


      She was huge! Super huge! But, if you’d seen her from the waist up you’d have thought she was merely a bit chubby, maybe a few months pregnant, but her behind was larger than any she’d ever seen. The sides of her butt hung off her chair like saddlebags and crept closer and closer to the ground with each death.


      The boss killed her with little effort on her first attempt and it wasn’t much easier on her second. She could consistently get this far without trouble but, each time she faced the enormous creature on the bridge, she found herself dead again and needing to eat another chocolate.


      The chat was conflicted. Some of her watchers tried to give advice while others rooted for her to fail, and Cinnamon had to admit that she felt the same conflict. How much bigger would she grow? How long would she let the stream last?


      She decided that she’d just beat the boss, and then she’d call it a night. She got closer each time, but each time she lost and she’d resign herself to getting just a bit bigger. The chair creaked in protest as she focused on timing her attacks. She was learning the way the creature moved, and she knew that this time, she might actually beat it.


      She had an opening, either to refill her health or to get in another attack. She chose the safer option of refilling her health. The creature attacked, and she couldn’t dodge in time. In a moment, all of the health she regained was gone and she died again.


      “One more try.” She said, taking another chocolate. I can beat it this time. She munched on the sweet as she reloaded the level.


      There was a creak, a metallic ping, then suddenly, Cinnamon toppled to the ground in a flurry of flailing fat. Whatever mechanism had held up the gaming chair had failed spectacularly. Even a seat designed to support the heftiest of gamers couldn’t stand up to Cinnamon’s blubbery backside.


      She groaned as she got her bearings. She was still sitting up. In fact, with her ass this large, she doubted that she could lay back at all.


      “Well, Cinnamon-Snacks, I guess that’s it for tonight! Thanks again for joining me for my stream and a special shout out for all of you Cinnamon-Snacks who decided to donate! See you, same time tomorrow.” She wobbled forward, trying to reach the keyboard to end the stream, but try as she might, it was just out of reach.


      She frowned, unable to get up, but unwilling to just sit on the floor on camera until she slimmed back down. She saw the solution a few moments later. She rocked back and forth until her left buttcheek actually left the floor and she managed to grab a cord that lay on the ground next to her.


      She plopped back into position, blew a kiss to the webcam, and tugged the cord. The monitor went black. Cinnamon leaned back, sinking into her own softness. Tomorrow, she’d quit her day-job.

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