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Cinnamon's Rolls

     “You’re firing me?” Cinnamon demanded, nearly dropping the phone in her frustration and surprise.


     “Not firing. We’re simply choosing not to renew your contract.” The masculine, German-accented voice replied. “We felt that the way you were marketing our products was… shall we say, irresponsible?”


     “Irresponsible how?” She shoved a fist into one plush hip. The resulting jiggle was enough to jostle the table that she was leaning against and knock over her custom Funko-pop salt and pepper shakers.


     The “Expandy-candies” as she’d taken to calling them, worked as advertised. One chocolate pear would add ten inches to the user’s hips. This fattening was temporary as long as the user took heed of the disclaimer and did not eat more than six.


     Cinnamon had eaten over a dozen of the candies during a live- stream and the results had left her with a rear that she could just barely fit into a pair of size twenty jeans. Her hips were wide, her butt was round and she was officially well past thick. Cinnamon didn’t let it bother her. If occasionally knocking things off a shelf or getting stuck in a tight spot was the cost of internet fame, then by all means, fatten her up.


     The man on the other end sighed. “You’re not the only one buying the candies. You’ve started a trend, and, to be frank, it’s not the kind of publicity we’re looking for. We’re hereby revoking our sponsorship and canceling all international orders of Körperbau Chocolates.”


     “Great, so I can’t even buy them for myself now.”


     “That’s the idea, Ms.Twist.” The call ended, and Cinnamon was left alone in her kitchen.




     Chocolates or not, Cinnamon still had bills to pay. She was bigger now, both physically and in terms of subscribers, which meant finding a new sponsor wouldn’t be a problem. The more pressing issue was finding a sponsor that didn’t bore her to death.


     The current hopeful was a VPN service which had insisted on giving a presentation. According to the clock, it had only been ten minutes since Cinnamon had started the video call, but the hyperactive intern in the cheap business suit made it feel like hours.


     “You’ve got to mention the phrase ‘military-grade protection.’ Using those words exactly are proven to increase sales. Also, try to make sure that the primary background color is red. Studies show that warm colors make people feel more impulsive.”


     Cinnamon, disguised a yawn by pretending to grab something off camera. She could shift her upper- half completely out of frame, with her bottom-half never leaving the couch.


     “Also, be sure to mention that you can change the location of your IP address so you can browse the Canadian internet or the UK internet or--”


     “Hold up.” Cinnamon wobbled back into the frame. “Are you saying I could access sites that are blocked in the US?”


     “Primarily for blocked streaming services, yes.”


     “What about purchasing products that aren’t sold in the United States?”


     “We try not to comment on the more distasteful uses--”


     Cinnamon dismissed him with a hand wave. “Congratulations. You just got yourself a new sponsor.”




     A week later Cinnamon had posted a new video. She wobbled into frame over a red background and blew a kiss at the camera.


     “Hello, my Cinnamon Snacks! Welcome back to Cinnamon Twist: The only let’s play channel with a cinnamon twist. Isn’t it sad that we can’t buy Expandy-Candies anymore?”


     A series of sobbing emojis appeared on the screen.


     “But I have a new sponsor! They’re a VPN that offers Military-Grade Protection! You can even mask your IP address to look like you’re browsing from a different country. For example...”


     She stepped out of frame for a moment and dragged a palette of boxes into the shot.


     “... if a candy company refuses to sell to you in your country, you can trick them into thinking that the order is from Germany. Join me tomorrow for my next Expandy-Candy stream! This time I plan to get bigger than ever!”


     Naturally, the response was immediate. The German chocolate company jumped into damage control mode expressing their disapproval and closing the VPN loophole on their site, but Cinnamon had planned for that. She’d ordered hundreds of boxes of the pear shaped chocolates, and when she’d exhausted the supply, she turned her attention to the other products that the site offered.


     There were apple candies, Chocolates in the shape of watermelons and even a select few hour-glass shaped chocolates that had an especially limited run.


     The company had deleted their English product descriptions, but the subtext was fairly obvious. In the hours leading up to the stream, Cinnamon posted dozens of images of her new chocolates. There were comments begging her to try them and post the results, but Cinnamon never responded.


     Finally, the day of the stream arrived. Cinnamon appeared on video and said her traditional greeting. The chat exploded. People posted reactions, some giving praise and others threats, but the stream was too full to parse anything. One thing was clear: Her social media strategy had ensured the stream was a success before it even started.


     “Calm down, everyone! Let me explain the rules!” Cinnamon wore a sports bra and lycra shorts with buttons and straps, which she’d custom ordered just for this occasion. She had every intention of growing absolutely titanic and no intention of having her stream shut down.


     “You’ve all heard of Rocket League, right?” There was more chaos in the chat as people voiced their approval and derision. “The game is simple: I play as well as I can. If I win, I don’t have to get any fatter, but if I lose…” She slapped her flank for emphasis. “I have to eat as many of these little pears as goals I lost by.” Her hips were still jiggling as she said this and the chat roared in approval.


     “Still, if you aren’t satisfied with that, you can always donate directly. For every hundred dollars, I’ll be taking one of these other candies! I’ve never tried them before, but I’m excited to see what they do.” She held up boxes for the Apple and the melon chocolates. She’d left the hourglass chocolates alone since she only had a few boxes of those and was hesitant to waste them.


     Immediately, she received a donation for $100 with a watermelon emoji. She smiled, taking one of the chocolates in her mouth and biting down. In seconds, her breasts swelled to fill her top, and she felt the straps of her bra pull tight around her shoulders. Her average breasts ballooned a full cup size, and she felt her back and shoulders soften as well. She could already tell that this stream was going to be a success.


     The first few games went well with her managing to beat her opponent each time, but by her third game she finally lost. Though only by a single point. She greedily popped one of the little pears into her mouth and felt her behind expand beneath her. Another donation appeared with a tiny apple graphic at the bottom.


     “Really? You want to make me fatter?” She grabbed an apple-shaped chocolate and bit into it. “Whatever, it’s your money.” Her exposed potbelly fattened up beneath her heavy breasts pushing them up toward her face. The Shorts cut across her navel and she felt them grow tighter against her burgeoning gut. She whimpered a bit at the discomfort and shifted in her seat. Dozens of pounds were added to her already plush figure until she was left with a round soft stomach that filled her lap.


     The response was immediate. Some of her watchers expressed displeasure. There was definitely a vocal subset whose focus was increasing her assets, but they were quickly shouted down. Something had awakened in the chat. A morbid curiosity paired with a lewd fascination. The cost per chocolate was high, but the mob was determined.


     Those that couldn't afford to donate alone formed discord groups and pooled their money. The chat was spammed with apple emojis as a half dozen new donations came in. Cinnamon was so shocked that she missed an easy goal and ended up having to eat another two of the chocolate pears.


     “Guys please! I’m going to be so huge!” But she smiled as she ate a handful of candies. Her ass had a substantial head start, but her belly was gaining fast. It swelled out round and firm as her navel deepened and she was forced to pull the waistband of her shorts below her paunch for some much needed room.


     Taking her hand away from her keyboard was a mistake and she ended up losing her match by three points. The custom additions to her shorts finally came into play. Buttons burst and sections of elastic were allowed to expand, pulling tight across her thighs as she swelled bigger.


     By this point, Cinnamon was clearly fat, and the subset of her fans, more interested in her curves, had organized a counter attack. The more Cinnamon expanded, the worse she seemed to play and, with enough watermelon candies, they might be able to eclipse Cinnamon’s belly while still expanding her behind.


     Donation after donation went to Cinnamon’s breasts and her top similarly began to fail. Her neckline plunged as straps burst and the bra expanded to hold her massive mammaries. Sure enough, as Cinnamon tried to keep up with her expanding body she had more and more trouble focusing on the game. At one point, she was forced to adjust her camera as her billowing butt began to lift her out of frame.


     Candy after candy entered her mouth and landed on her hips. She was only an hour into her stream and already she was larger than she’d ever expected to get. She debated turning off the stream, but a few mental calculations about the money she was making was enough to keep her going.


     By now the belly faction had regrouped and more and more donations came pouring in. She counted out the candies only to realize that she had received another $600.


     “My goodness, Snacks. Please! You’re making me positively obese.” She shoved a finger into her deepening navel and jiggled her belly for the camera. She let the match end and closed the game as she ate more of the chocolates. With this many donations coming in, there was no way she could keep up.


     This was met with outrage. Many fans had come for her ass and would not be denied. More donations came and these ones sported pear emojis. She blinked. Should she say no? The show must go on.


     She shrugged and tossed three pear shaped chocolates into her mouth letting them melt on her tongue. She savored the feeling of her butt swelling beneath her. More straps and buttons burst like popcorn as she closed her eyes and enjoyed her growth. Then the unthinkable happened.


     There was a rip.


     Her eyes shot open. There was no way that she’d outgrown her shorts. And yet. She could feel a burst seam between her massive cheeks.


     “Shows over everybody! You’ve shown me so much support and I’m so grateful, but I can’t afford to get any bigger.” She blew a kiss at the camera and went to close the stream, only to realize that her beach ball belly had shoved her keyboard drawer back into her desk.


     She tried to stand, but her ass was far too heavy to lift from the chair. After what felt like an eternity of humiliating wiggling, she managed to shove a chubby finger into the power button on her desktop. The monitor went black, and Cinnamon allowed herself to relax.


     She reached toward her much wider hip and pulled her phone from her pocket and checked the feed. The chat was still full of thousands of fans, her follower count was climbing before her eyes, and she’d already made more money in the last hour than she’d used to make in a year.


     She wasn’t sure how she felt about her belly. It was nearly as big as one of her ass cheeks, and the realization that she’d end up fatter than she’d planned made her wince. She let herself relax, the memory of her smaller, slimmer body fading as she settled into her newly plush form. She’d cross that bridge when she came to it. For now she would enjoy shrinking back down to a mobile size and bask in her own clout.


     She still had hundreds of boxes of candy. She’d have time to experiment some more later.

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