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The Day After Daisy Drew Turned into a Cow

This is the second part of a longer story:
The Day Daisy Drew turned Into a Cow

Cow - Cow.png

Part 1


    Drew’s eyelashes fluttered as her cellphone’s muffled chime managed to rouse her from her sleep. She felt stiff and sore; practically hungover. She was lying on her back, which was unusual, but she was also sideways and her neck ached from lack of a pillow.


    The alarm continued its shrill cry, though the sound seemed wrong in a way she couldn't quite place. . She couldn’t remember if she’d plugged it in last night. It seemed unlikely. She made an effort to hold her eyes open and stared at the ceiling. It was unusually bright.


    Everything seemed wrong. It was never this bright this early and, of course there was the mystery of her cellphone. The chime sounded less like an alarm and more like… a call! She was late for work!


    She sprang out of bed like a jackrabbit only to land back on the bed like a beached whale. Fudge, who had been sleeping on her belly was startled awake, sprinting into the kitchen, leaving scratches on her huge doughy stomach.


    Drew choked out a sound somewhere between a moan and a scream and grabbed the sides of her fat gut with pudgy hands. What was all of this? Where had it come from? Memories from last night came rushing back. The ad, the inexplicable fattening, the earth shaking orgasm. For a moment her mind retreated back into that lust before she could get ahold of herself.



    Women didn’t fatten up overnight. That sort of thing was relegated to the realms of kink-fiction and bad horror movies. So how was she supposed to rationalize the wobbling pile of fat that her body had become?


    The sound of her cell phone broke her trance as it rang yet again. She had to prioritize here. Fat or not, she’d be fired if she didn’t show up for work and she wasn’t prepared to be homeless. 


     She stood, ignoring the way that her tits ached and her hips wobbled and began digging through the rumpled blankets for her phone. It chimed again and she spun, positive she heard it behind her. She glanced around. Still for a moment as she waited for the next ring. Once again it chimed behind her. It was stuck to her back!

   She reached thick arms over her shoulders and around her belly, but try as she might, this new bigger body couldn’t reach. She bounced up and down trying to shake it off and finally the tiny smartphone fell to the bed still ringing.


    She snatched it and slid one pudgy finger across the screen to answer.


    “H-hello?” She choked out, trying to control her breathing.

   “Drew? God damn it, do you know what time it is?”


    “I’m starting to! I’m so sorry Mr. Peterson. I overslept. I can be there in…” she looked down at herself panicking, trying to decide how best to handle her situation. “. . . Can I take a sick day?”


    “That depends, did you get that article finished?”


    “Yes! It’s just… It’s saved on my office computer. Is there a way you can retrieve it without me coming in?”


    There was a pause. Drew could practically feel Peterson’s hot breath through the phone receiver.


    “Drew, if I don’t see you in my office in the next hour your press badge isn’t going to get you through the door, do you understand?” 


    “Yes Mr.Peterson… I’ll be right in.” 


    The line went dead without any further lecturing. Drew dropped the phone on the bed. What the hell was she going to wear?


Part 2


    Drew waddled into the bathroom--no, she lumbered into the bathroom. Lumber was a better word than waddle. Lumber implied that it was on purpose. Getting to work in under an hour was doable if she used a ride share app. She could schedule the ride now, pull herself together and be on the way to work in less than a half an hour. The real question was what was she going to wear?


    A glance at her reflection in the mirror made her drop her phone. There was a fat girl staring back at her, and she’d expected that much. But what she hadn’t expected were the horns. There were two dull nubs which poked out through her bangs like tootsie rolls sprouting from her face. 


    She reached up with shaking, swollen fingers and grabbed them. They were smooth and cool to the touch. She ran her fingers down their length until she reached skin. They didn’t hurt. Though she could tell that they were a part of her when she tugged on them. 


    As her hair parted she noticed that her ears had changed too. Her normal round ears had been replaced with soft floppy ones which hung down like a dog’s… or a cow’s...


    Well, the meme had promised to transform her into a cow-slut. At least she didn’t have an utter or hooves. Just to be sure, she wriggled her toes experimentally.


    Finding clothes was a bit of a chore. Literally nothing in her closet fit her anymore, and even her largest sweatshirts wouldn’t budge over her newly enormous and oddly firm titties. That left the curtains as her only option.


    She tugged them down, and wrapped them around herself fashioning them into a sort of makeshift toga. With a safety pin under one armpit and another at her hip the outfit was actually fairly secure. She allowed herself a moment of dark satisfaction at the idea of confronting her boss like this.

   “Hrmph, should have given me a day off” she mumbled as she adjusted the lower section across her bulging thighs. She went for her phone hoping to see how much time she had left. That was when she remembered. She’d dropped it in the bathroom. Had she already scheduled her ride-share? 


    She rushed into the bathroom, unaware that her toga had come loose. One pudgy foot landed and pinned loose cloth, sending her tumbling down onto the cold linoleum, jiggling like an upended flan. She winced, opened her eyes and was met with the phone in front of her. The “schedule ride” page was still open.


Part 3


    Ralf Peterson sat behind his ikea desk drinking gourmet coffee from a dollar store mug. He drummed thick, flat tipped fingers on his mousepad as he looked at the mock up of tomorrow’s publication. There was political commentary, news on the latest movies and even a recipe section which had generated significant traffic over the past few months. The only problem was the gaping hole in the center of the screen. 


    Peterson checked his watch. Drew was fifteen minutes late. On principle he wanted to give her section to someone else, but the fact was that Drew’s work brought attention to the page. The thought of giving her spot to someone less talented made his numbers-driven brain ache.


    There was a knock at his open office door, and he tightened his jaw as he looked up. Gavin, the part-time student who served as both secretary and administrative assistant stood there looking more sweaty and nervous than usual.


    “Sorry to bother you, sir. Drew just arrived. I thought that you should know.”


    “Is there a reason you didn’t send her straight in?”




    Drew push Gavin aside with one meaty arm, knocking the smaller man off balance


    “Howdy boss! You wanted me here! Well, here I am!”


    Peterson nearly spilled his coffee as he sat up in his chair.


    “Christ on a kite! Drew, is that you?”


    “In the flesh… plus a few hundred pounds.”


    “What happened?”


    “Still trying to figure that out. I’m seeing a doctor on my way home.”


    “That’s probably for the best. We can cover for you for a while while you figure this out. Oh, and Drew… are you aware of the horns?”


    “I am.”


    “And the ears?”


    She nodded.


    “And the tail?”


    Drew felt the color drain from her face. She looked over her shoulder to see a tail, hiking up the back of her make-shift skirt and exposing her rear to the entirety of the office.


    “I will get that looked at.”


    “That would be wise. Oh and Drew, Be sure to email me that article on your way out.”


    Drew made her way out of the office, careful not to stomp and draw even more attention to herself. She reached her cubicle and managed to squeeze inside by turning sideways. Once her article had been received she rushed to the elevator, ducked inside and prayed that no one got on with her. The doors finally closed. The elevator lurched and then came to a stop.


    A light flashed on above the doors and silhouetted a single line of block letters:


    “Weight limit exceeded.”


    Drew let out a long overdue sigh.


    “Fuckin’ moo…”


Part 4


    “Your blood pressure is fine, your breathing is normal. We’ll know more once we get your blood test back, but Daisy, you are in remarkably good health. I would recommend starting on a weight loss plan though.”


    Daisy looked up at the doctor with a face between overt skepticism and unvarnished rage.


    “Are you not seeing this? I’m a cow! Horn, ears; I even have a tail.”


    “That’s called human vestigiality. Plenty of people are born with similar conditions with no negative effects. If you’d like I could refer you to a cosmetic surgeon.”


    “But I wasn’t born with any of this. Last night I looked completely normal and I could bounce a quarter off my abbs.”


    Now it was the doctors turn to look skeptical.


    “Look, assuming I’m telling the truth, who would you refer me to? Isn't there some doctor out there who’d want to hear about a woman who spontaneously gained over three-hundred pounds?”


    The doctor opened a pad of paper and wrote down a name, handing it to Drew.


    “Doctor. Gellar? What do they do?”

    “She’s a clinical psychologist. Daisy, can I be frank with you?”


    “Drew.” She corrected him.


    “Yes, Drew. What you’re describing is called Body Dysmorphia. It’s a condition that comes from a deep dissatisfaction with your outward appearance and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”


    Drew got up to leave. Pulling up the drapes she was using for clothes.


    “Thank you doctor. Please send me the results of the blood test when you receive them.”


    “Of course, but I doubt that we’ll find anything aside from heightened levels of Lactogen and progesterone.”


    Drew stopped at the door.


    “Hormones? Why?”


    “Well, Umm…” He pointed at her chest. Drew looked down to see dark spots forming on the cloth in front of her nipples. This day just kept getting better and better.


    Drew’s plan had been to head straight home from the doctor’s office and bunker down in her apartment until things started making sense again. She realized that she would need new clothes, but part of her was hoping that everything would go back to normal before she would have to confront that.


    The lactation made things more Complicated. She did not intend to spend the bus ride home with milk pouring out of her tits. A quick search on her phone located a nearby clothing outlet only a few blocks away.



    No. As annoying as the doctor had been, he had been right about one thing. She needed to start losing weight as soon as possible. With renewed determination, she adjusted her top, and set out walking toward her destination.


Part 5


    Drew had imagined that a ten-minute walk might do her some good, but with her added girth and loss of  coordination, that “ten-minute walk” Turned into a half-hour hike. She was a sweating panting mess by the time she made it into the store, huffing and puffing as she stumbled toward the service counter.


    “Ma’am? Do you need help?” The inquiry came from a lumpp young woman with bright blue hair and a septum piercing.


    “H-hi!” she struggled to hide her labored breathing behind friendliness. “I’m having a bit of a fashion emergency here. Can you help me find something in my size that I could wear out?”


    “For sure! I was thinking maybe some water or an ambulance, but this works too.” She came around the counter and led Drew to the plus size section. “There’s not a lot here that I’d recommend, but if you just need it to cover you then you should be fine.”


    “Super.” Drew grimaced as she grabbed a formless, sherbet-green dress from one of the racks. The size was 4XL. It’d do the job.


    “Not to pry but… I think you’re leaking. If you like, I could grab you a bra too.”


    “I… I’m not sure about my size.” She pulled her arm up over her chest in a futile attempt to hide the stains over her nipples.


    “That I can help you with.”


    A few minutes later Drew and the clerk were in a fitting room with a tape measure. The standard rooms had been a bit small, but there was one on the end that was extra large. The blue haired woman stood behind Drew and wrapped her measuring tape over the larger woman’s naked chest. The tape tightened and the two both yelped when Drew spayed twin streams of milk at the fitting-room mirror.


    “Oh my god, I am so sorry!” Drew’s face was heating up as she stared at herself in the milky reflection.


    “It’s fine! That was unexpected. I’ll... try to be more gentle.”


    Drew avoided eye contact with the other woman as she finished up.


    “Alright, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you’ve got the biggest boobs I’ve ever measured. The bad news is that we don’t carry your bra size.”


    “Fuck.” It was a quiet and exasperated curse. It barely made a sound, but it was heavy with exhaustion and frustration.She placed the palm of her hand against her cheek and squeezed her eyes shut as she gritted her teeth.


    The clerk uncapped a felt-tip marker and took Drew’s free hand.


    “Here. This is the website that I use. They have clothes that’ll actually look good on you and you can order a bra that actually fits.”


    “T-thank you!” Drew blinked, looking down at the web address and bra size now written on the back of her hand. “You won’t get in trouble for this, will you?”


    “Nah. They can’t accuse me of turning away a customer if they won’t sell clothes that we can wear. Big girl solidarity, right.”


    She punched Drew playfully on the shoulder and the cow-girl managed a grin.


    “I still need to do something about this though…” She glanced down at the twin streaks of milk running down her chest.


    “I’ll grab some paper towels.”


    The ride home wasn’t easy. Drew didn’t feel cute or comfortable, but for the first time that day, she felt like she knew what she needed to do next.


Part 6


    Drew arrived home much earlier in the day than she would have if she’d gone to work. The coffee shop was full of people and Derek was too busy to notice her. That was a minor blessing.


    She made her way up the steps to her apartment, annoyed that the climb now seemed so difficult and the stairway so narrow. She unlocked the door. Stepped inside and immediately tore off the green dress. She could handle being stared at for being a “fat cow-slut,” but she would not tolerate being gawked at for her bad taste.


    She reached into the bag where she’d stored her curtains and hung them back up on her window. The sweat and milkstains highlighted her curves on the fabric like an obese version of the Shroud of Turin.


    That meant that she would also need to order new drapes to go with her new wardrobe. That could be worried about later. For now, she was angry, she was tired and all she wanted was a few moments to relax. She marched toward the bathroom and turned on the shower.


    Her calves and thighs ached from her walk and her chest and back were killing her. She made sure to copy down the website and bra size onto a scrap of paper before stepping into the shower. It seemed as though having a well-fitted bra was going to be a necessity. 


    She allowed herself to relax as she stepped under the water. She felt her muscles loosen. It wasn't just her legs that hurt, it was her back and her shoulders. Her chest felt tight and her brow was furrowed. All day she had felt naked, exposed and embarrassed. Now, she was finally alone and she could finally let go.


    Her hands ran across the contours of her body. Letting the water reach every inch of her before she even touched her soap. Her skin felt soft and clean under the water. Her attempts at staying slim may have been completely subverted, but her skin care hadn’t been. Fat or not, that did make her feel pretty.


    She also liked her hair. Short cropped and messy, but expertly cared for and something that she deserved some pride in. If anything, the horns only severed to make her messy bangs even cuter. She lathered up soap and ran her hands over her leg until her belly got in the way.


    It was pale and smooth as she squeezed around it. It was warm, even in comparison to the water and it slid under her fingers as she was careful to spread soap over every surface, from her deepened navel to her new love handles.


    Her makeshift toga hadn’t covered much. How many curious onlookers had stolen a glance. Had they caught a candid jiggle from an exposed bit of tummy? Maybe they’d even seen the wobble of one of her hefty cheeks when her capricious tail lifted the hem of her skirt too high.


    At the time, the Idea of that happening would have mortified her, but in hindsight she found it exciting. She knew that some people were attracted to bodies like this. How many of those embarrassed glances and sympathetic looks had been tinged with a hint of appreciation. She could imagine some in most of them. Even the looks of disgust fit into her fantasy. Could some of them have been jealousy?


    Her fingers had stopped spreading suds but they still slid across her curves with purpose. On some level she had wanted this. She’d craved those glances. There were even parts of her that had reveled in the indignity.


    She was reliving each of those moments from a new and scandalous perspective. Her boss sending her home, Gavin’s blushing confusion; the woman at the clothing store…


    Her hands rose to her breasts and she squeezed spraying milk against the shower wall. She stopped for a moment. It was somewhat painful, but it came with an immediate sense of relief. She bit her lip and then squeezed again, pressing harder and with more consistent pressure. She’d experienced something similar the times that she’d gotten a professional massage. The pressure hurt, but the relief was worth it as she felt her tits drain over a liter of heavy milk. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh as the flow trickled to a stop. 


    Stepping out of the shower, she wrapped her bigger body in a towel that didn’t fit and wiped off the mirror. 


    She looked at herself. A lot had changed. She was fat now with sagging tits and a huge belly and caboose, she wasn’t even sure if she was fully human, but for the time being, she liked all of that about herself. She was excited about it.


    “Moo.” She said to her reflection and stepped out of the bathroom. Before the night was over, she was determined to find someone else who saw her that way.

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