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Food for Thot

     Tara woke up bleary-eyed and stiff. She’d rented her apartment to escape from the rock-hard dorm-room beds, but recently she’d woken up most mornings hunched over in her desk. She sat up and blinked at the screen. Without her glasses, it was a blurry, shimmering rectangle, but it was clear something was happening on screen without her input. She retrieved her glasses from where they’d fallen to the floor and looked at the screen again. It displayed an open word document page 654 was rapidly filling with the letter “Z” as if the computer itself was mocking her for having fallen asleep.


     She retrieved her headphones from off of her keyboard and the computer ceased its impression of her. She scrolled up and found the end of what she’d written the night before and the hit “Ctrl Shift End” highlighting the hundreds of pages of Zs before deleting them. She reread what she’d written the night before and deleted the last few paragraphs of that as well. Even with the extra pages removed her doctoral thesis was still over a hundred pages long, and it would likely be twice that long before it was finished. 

     Her stomach let out a low rumble. Had she eaten dinner last night? She couldn’t remember. She stood, twisting her stocky frame until her back popped. She hadn’t been wearing a bra when she’d fallen asleep, and with her head against the desk, her substantial breasts had been left to hang freely toward her thighs. Her back was killing her, and she begrudgingly pulled a bra from the hamper and secured her tits, under the giant “Power-rangers” T-shirt that served as her pajamas.

     She made her way down-stairs, feeling tired, gross, and uncomfortable. She stepped into the kitchen and was met by her roommate, awake, fully dressed. Gabby was the reason that Tara could afford to live here. Unlike Tara, who was going on to her ninth year of university and had outgrown the dorms, Gabby was a freshman. Her parents had taken one look at the dorms and decided that their daughter deserved better. They’d contacted Tara and asked if she’d be willing to share a flat with their daughter in exchange for living rent-free, and Tara eagerly accepted. She could tolerate living with a rich brat for a semester, couldn’t she? 

     Gabby stood in the kitchen mixing granola into a cup of yogurt and she shot a flirty smile over her shoulder at Tara. Tara doubted that the younger girl had intended it to be flirty. That was just the color of everything that Gabby did. Despite the crisp fall weather, Gabby wore high-waisted denim shorts with four large, brassy buttons, a cream-colored cropped sweater that left a stripe of flesh visible around her toned stomach, and brown suede boots with wedge heels and zippers up the sides. With her long blonde hair and pouting lips, Gabby was the quintessential college co-ed, which made Tara feel like an ogre in comparison.

     She wasn’t ugly, but she was certainly couldn’t match the four feet of legs that Gabby liked to show off or the perfect body. Tara wasn’t fat, but she did tend toward wide, with her hips eclipsing her shoulders and her thighs touching even in her fittest day. Those days were a few years behind her, and Tara was well aware of how her belly munched up under her breasts when she sat and the extra jiggle she felt in her back when she ran down the stairs. Gabby was the kind of girl that Tara would have written off to photoshop and Instagram filters if she’d seen her online, and yet here she was, in the flesh, eating yogurt in her kitchen.

     “Hey, Tay!” She chirped as she pulled the spoon from her mouth. Tara hated that nickname, but she’d never actually told Gabby even though she’d been using it exclusively for the past month. “Got any weekend plans?” 

     “Thesis,” she croaked as she opened the freezer, scanned its contents and finally pulled out a bag of pizza rolls.

     “Again? College is about having fun. You can’t spend all of your time locked in your room.”

     “College is about getting an education,” Tara said bluntly, tossing the entire bag of pizza rolls into the microwave. “ Something that’s hard to do if you never go to class.” Gabby laughed at the jab, though Tara couldn’t tell if the other girl registered it as an insult or not.

     “Wanna give me a ride to the mall later?” Gabby asked. Leaning over the counter and batting her eyes in a way that Tara could just imagine Gabby using on every boy she wanted something from.

     “The mall?”

     “I’m meeting some friends there from my culinary class. You’d save me an Uber, and it’d get you out of the house for a bit. Come on, I’ll buy you lunch.” More eyelash fluttering. 

     Tara sighed. “Let me shower first.” 

     “Super!” Gabby punched the air in victory. “You’ll know where to find me.” She delivered a quick pat to Tara’s behind as she left the kitchen, and Tara spun to confront her, but by then Gabby had left the room. She wandered upstairs, taking the steaming bag of pizza rolls with her and popped one in her mouth before dropping it on her desk and heading for the shower.

     She peeled off her shirt and panties dropping them on the floor of the bathroom and looking at herself sideways in the mirror. She kept telling herself that she wasn’t fat, but she didn’t like how far her belly poked out. She didn’t have much in the way of love-handles, but her wide hips likely helped to disguise that, much like how her breasts hid her belly when she was fully clothed. Her tits were the one thing she had on Gabby, who could scarcely fill a B-cup, but still, she’d trade away her heavy hangers for Gabby’s tiny-tasties in a heart-beat.

     She jumped in the shower, letting the hot water loosen her sore muscles and tame her frizzy brown hair. She wasn’t sure why she let Gaby bother her. Tara hadn’t been overly concerned with her physical appearance for a long time. When she was younger she’d experimented with makeup and fashion, but those things weren’t a priority in the circles she ran in, and, by the end of her freshman year, she was strictly a T-shirt and jeans girl. She’d stopped bothering to shave her legs and armpits during the winters, and once spring rolled round she realized that if she wasn’t dating anyone there wasn’t anyone to care how hairy she was. And Tara wasn’t dating anyone.

     She wasn’t a social reject. Tara had friends, though she rarely talked to them outside of her Discord groups. She just wasn’t particularly interested in romance. Higher education tended to kill relationships, so dating wasn’t really a priority. 


    She turned the water off, feeling fresh and clean as she toweled herself dry and pulled on fresh panties, jeans, and slipped an Iron Maiden shirt over her beast of a bra before adding a flannel shirt for an extra layer of warmth. 

     She looked at herself in the mirror fully clothed and liked what she saw. Sure, she was nerdy and a little grunge, but she was smart and pretty and not everyone wanted a Gabby for a girlfriend. She jogged down the stairs, holding her tits for the sake of her back, and met Gabby by the door. As soon as she saw the other woman all of her layers of self-esteem melted off in the face of how hot Gabby was. She felt like a child for letting it get to her.

     Gabby, who was five years her junior. Gabby, who had changed her major three times and was likely to do so again. Gabby, who during her brief stint as a history major asked if the Roman Gods had been named after the planets, made her feel jealous. She was in a foul mood as she got into her tiny sedan and threw the bag of pizza rolls into the center console.

     “Are those vegetarian?” Gabby asked as she got in next to her.

     “They’re pepperoni,” Tara said flatly.

     “Sooo… yes?” Tara ignored her as she got the car in gear and pulled out of the driveway. 

     They didn’t talk on the ride over, Gabby mostly looked at her phone. She had a habit of rolling down the window, which frustrated Tara due to it being so cold out, but rather than confront the blonde she just turned up the heater and gritted her knuckles against the steering wheel. She knew that ultimately Gabby was right, it would be good to get out and meet new people. Maybe she would even like Gabby’s friends. 

     They pulled to a stop, and Gabby nearly leapt out of the car. “Thanks, babe!” She shouted over her shoulder to Tara, who was still getting out. “I’ll text you when I’m ready to go home.” Tara froze. She looked up at the blonde and realized what should have been apparent from the beginning. Gabby needed a ride, not someone to hang out with.

     “Yeah,” she said, hiding the disappointment that she knew she shouldn’t be feeling. “I’ll probably be in the book store. See you later.” She turned, shoving her hands deep into her pockets against the cold. The Barnes & Noble was an anchor store and not far from where Tara had parked. She went straight inside. Shooting a leer at Gabby who sashayed into the standard mall entrance.

     Tara could feel herself blushing. She felt stupid and naive and more than anything she wanted to be at home and working on her thesis so she could feel smart again. She wandered over to the psychology section and grabbed absently at books, too angry to really pay attention to what she was reading, but too stubborn to confront her feelings. 

     “That’s some heavy reading you have there.” A woman’s voice, silky smooth and with the timber of a soul singer purred from next to her. Tara jumped and turned to face a tall plump woman with long dark hair and piercing, ice-blue eyes lined with immaculate black wings. She had a bust to rival Tara’s own and Tara had to take a step back to get a full view of her outfit.

     The woman wore a dark maroon dress with a black lace tracing over it like spiderwebs. The lace passed over the plunging neckline and up to a choker around the woman’s neck and down her arms. The skirt was tattered at the hem, but in a way that Tara assumed was intentional, and revealed black leather boots with silver buckles underneath. Tara stood up straight, pulling the book against her chest and did her best to seem friendly despite her surprise.

     “Uh… Thank you. It’s for my Thesis.”

     “You’re writing a thesis...” The woman asked, one dark painted eyebrow cocked in surprise. “...about the occult?” 

     “The occult?” Tara asked, lifting the book and reading the cover. “Parapsychology” was printed in large block letters on the cover. “Oh… No, I suppose I grabbed this by mistake.” 

     “Hmm…” The goth woman frowned, taking the book from Tara and flipping through the pages idly. “No, I don’t think so. I can usually weed out the pretenders. You’ve definitely got some magical aptitude.”

     “Magical aptitude?” Tara asked dryly. She’d been startled by the woman in red, but she quickly began to suspect that she might be talking to an unstable person. “Maybe!” She said, trying to give off an air of casual disinterest. “I’ve been browsing too long anyway. I should go. Nice meeting you.” She turned to leave, and the woman grabbed her wrist. She might have responded in alarm except all of a sudden all of her anxiety drained out of her. 

     “No, Tara. I’m not crazy, and you don’t know everything about the world just because you’ve spent so much money on a college education.”

     “How do you…” Tara asked, but she couldn’t be bothered to finish the question. She knew that this woman shouldn’t know her name, but she just couldn’t bring herself to care.

    “I can read the world around me like a book, and I can even rewrite the parts I don’t like. You can too. Would you like for me to show you?” She practically whispered the last part, and Tara couldn’t help but nod along with her. Suddenly they weren’t in the bookstore. They were watching a highlight reel of Tara’s life like detectives watching an interrogation through one-way glass. Tara’s education and accomplishments flashed in front of them. 

    “Hmmm… You’ve got a lot to be proud of. Not a lot to change-- wait! Spoke to soon.” Suddenly they were watching the last few months. Tara’s time in the apartment, all of Gabby’s microaggressions and stupid comments. Tara felt the unnatural calmness give way to the same bitterness and resentment she’d felt earlier. “There it is. She’s something, isn’t she. No wonder you were in such a mood. Would you like to teach her a lesson?” 

    Suddenly their perspective shifted. Tara became aware that they were no longer looking at her past, but rather at Gabby’s present. She was sitting in the food court, with three other students. The boy next to her had his hand up the back of her sweater. Tara felt a pan of revulsion at the boldness of such a public display, though also a rising jealousy. She couldn’t tell if it was for Gabby or the boy who was with her.

    “Any ideas?” the witch asked. Tara approached. Gabby was drinking a milkshake, just a small one. She’d always had a sweet tooth. Gabby reached out and tapped the cup it was in and suddenly it was two milkshakes. Then three. Then four. She was drinking all four of the shakes but still somehow only the one. She reached for a frenchfry and as soon as she touched it turned into four as well.

    “Oh, that is devilish, but might I suggest.” The goth woman approached. And suddenly it was as if they were looking through Gabby, like and she knew everything about her body as if thoroughly as if she had been looking at a medical record. “Blood pressure, Libido, Oh! Here we go! Stomach capacity. Let’s just increase that a bit, shall we?” The witch made her adjustments as easily as turning up the volume on a television and then stepped back to survey their handiwork. “This was fun.” She said sweetly. “I’d say ‘see you later,’ but that’s not very likely. How about: Have a nice life!” and with that, she was gone. 

    Tara stood for a moment in a state between shock and a migraine. The witch was gone and she felt so… weird. There was a tingling in the back of her skull and eventually, she realized that it was the sound of her cell phone ringing.


    “Hello?” She answered, mouth dry and head fuzzy.


    “Tara?” Gabby asked on the other end. “Where are you?”


    “In the bookstore, as I said.” Her head started to clear, and her confusion was replaced at annoyance at Gabby for not paying attention.


    “Why haven’t you been answering my texts? I thought you ditched me.”


    “I uh…” She looked down at the clock on her phone and saw, to her surprise, that over an hour had passed. “I guess I got distracted reading. Do you still need a ride?”


    “Yeah, I’ll meet you by the car.” Gabby hung up, and Tara made her way dazedly out of the store. It took her a few minutes to remember where she’d parked. By the time she reached her tiny sedan, Gabby was already there, sitting on the hood and looking mildly annoyed.


    “I was beginning to think you forgot about me again.” She sneered. Her face softened into a look of concern as she got a better look at Tara. “Hey, are you feeling okay?” 


    “Y-yeah,” Tara said. As she opened the car door and eased herself into her seat. “Just a little light-headed. Thanks.”


    “Maybe, you’re hungry,” Gabby suggested. “I still owe you lunch. Want to grab something?” Tara stiffened at the mention of food. Her experience with the woman in red had to have been a dream. There was no way it had really happened. Either way, she could probably write her dissertation on the psychology of that fantasy alone, but part of her couldn’t dismiss it completely.


    “I could eat,” Tara said. “Is pizza okay?”


    “Pizza sounds awesome!” Gabby said, beaming broadly.


    Tara drove in silence while Gabby ordered the pizza on her phone. At one point the blondes belly audibly gurgled and she blushed brightly. 


    “Sorry. Guess I’m still hungry.”


    “Didn’t you have food with your friends?”


    “Yeah, but I left before I could finish. They were jerks. One of them wouldn’t keep his hands off me and… wait, how did you know about that?” The car came to a screeching halt in their driveway and Tara was spared having to explain herself when Gabby saw the pizza man approaching their apartment door. “Oooh! It’s here!” Gabby squealed and practically jumped out of her seat and ran to the door. She took the pizza boxes, there were four of them. And handed the delivery driver a stack of bills. Tara jogged over and unlocked the door since Gabby had her hands full.

    “That’s a lot of pizza!” Tara said, somewhat nervously as Gaby carried them in.

    “Yeah, I wasn’t sure how big they’d be, and I didn’t want to run out and still be hungry.” She set it down on the table and opened the top box. The scents of meat and bread filled the room.


    “I thought you were a vegetarian,” Tara said, somewhat confused.


    “Yeah, it’s pepperoni!” Gabby said giddily. She reached in the box and pulled out the first slice. Strings of melted cheese hung from it as she brought it to her mouth, closing her eyes, eyelashes fluttering as she bit into the dough. “Oh god,” She moaned around the mouthful of cheese. “It’s better than I thought it would be.” 


    Tara stared. She’d never seen Gabby indulge like this. The blonde devoured the pizza down to the crust and then grabbed another piece as she finished that off as well. She annihilated the first pizza in minutes without so much as stopping to catch her breath.


    Her stomach expanded enormously and it pressed tight against her high waisted shorts. She tried to push them down with one hand while grabbing the final slice with the other. After several seconds of grunting and pushing one of the buttons finally gave and popped off across the room, making space for her expanding stomach.


    “Oopse!” Se chirped, as she now turned her full attention back to the pizza. “I can be such a clutz. Oh!” she said, finally noticing Tara as she licked the marinara sauce off of her fingers. “Help yourself. We have plenty.” Tara nodded and opened the second box, grabbing a single piece and stepping back as Gabby descended upon the hapless pie. She didn’t slow down. If anything she finished the second pizza even faster. Tara’s single slice sat untouched as Gabby opened the third box and set to work on that pizza as well. 


    Gabby had eaten an incredible amount of food, more than Tara would have thought possible. Still, that didn’t account for the sheer size of the woman's gut. She’d blown up like a beach ball, but either out of sheer hunger, profound ditziness or a combination of the two Gabby didn’t seem to notice. If Tara had to guess, she’d say that Gabby’s belly was exactly four times larger than it should have been. If that wasn’t proof enough that something supernatural was at play then the fact that Gabby hadn’t burst should have been.


    She grabbed the last box of pizza and fell backward onto the couch the pizza nearly bouncing out of its box as it landed on her belly. She tore apart the final pizza with the same wild abandon. She began to slow down about halfway through. And by the time she finished the final piece she was moving much more sluggishly.

    She finished the last of the crust and let the empty box slide of her massive dome of a belly and onto the floor. Her eyes closed and she breathed heavy slow breaths. Tara walked over, unsure ofd what to do. Part of her wanted to call an ambulance, but another knew exactly what had happened.


    Tara had done this. Somehow her and the woman in red had cast a spell on Gabby. They had changed her in some way and now Everything Gabby ate was multiplied by four, and she had the stomach and appetite to match. Tara placed a hand on Gabby’s stomach. It was hot to the touch, firm and full of food, but the skin felt elastic, not full to the point of breaking. If Gabby pushed herself she could likely eat even more.

The thought stirred something in her, and she inadvertently pressed her fingers into the soft pale dome of flesh. Gabby stirred and Tara pulled her hand away, taking a step back. The blonde’s eyes fluttered open, still half-lidded she rolled her head to look at Tara.

    “You gonna finish that?” She mumbled softly. Tara looked down to see the still untouched slice of pizza in her hand.


     Tara was startled awake by the sound of someone yelling. The first thing that she realized was that she was sleeping in her own bed and what a welcome change that was. The second thing she realized was that she had left Gabby downstairs last night and that she was almost definitely the one screaming. She rushed down the stairs, unsupported tits bouncing painfully under her night-shirt as her rushed into the living room.


     Gabby was standing in front of the couch in her underwear, her clothes from the day before strewn across the living room floor. She was struggling to get her socks off, but this task was made more difficult than normal by her sizable midsection getting in the way. 


     Tara was honestly impressed. It hadn’t occurred to her that Gabby might actually manage to digest sixteen pizzas overnight, but the evidence was right in front of her eyes. The giant firm dome of gut was gone and was replaced with a much softer, doughier belly. It hung slightly lower than one might expect, likely a result of her belly being so stretched from the previous night’s stuffing and gave her fat stomach a slightly deflated appearance, that added to her overall pear shape. Her belly and love handles draped over her hips which had absolutely exploded in size. She was significantly wider now, and her enormous ass shook as she jumped up and down, trying to pull off the sock that was wrapped tightly around one chubby calf. She wobbled and bounced helplessly, apparently unaware that Tara had entered the room. She’s softened all over, but while her bra hugged tight around her ribs, it didn’t appear to be any fuller than it had been the previous night. Apparently, Gabby was predisposed to being bottom heavy.

     Tara should have been shocked; horrified by what had happened to her roommate, but the scene in front of her was so ridiculous that she had to stifle a giggle. Gabby looked up, eyes wide and slightly fuller cheeks flushed. At first, Tara interpreted it as a look of accusation, but when Gabby gritted her teeth and tried to cover herself it became clear that what she actually felt was profound embarrassment. 

     “Don’t look at me!” She squealed. Pulling one arm across her chest and shoving the other between her legs. It wasn’t necessary. Her bra was more than enough coverage for her breasts, and her belly completely hid anything else scandalous from view.

     “Gabby?” Tara started, holding both hands out in a warding gesture.

     “Don’t look!”

     “Okay!” Tara turned so that her back was to the fattened blonde. “Okay, I’m not looking. What’s wrong?”

     “What do you mean ‘What’s wrong?’ Look at me! I’m fat!” Tara slowly began to turn her head over her shoulder. “Don’t look!” Gabby yelled tossing her sock in Tara’s general direction. She snapped back to attention, facing away from the blubbering blubbery blonde.


    “Oh, this is awful… how could this happen?” 


     “Well, you did eat a lot of pizza last night.” Tara offered. 


    Gabby’s crying immediately stopped, and there was a brief pause and then the sound of Gabby’s heavy footsteps rushing toward her. Tara was grabbed by the shoulders and forcibly spun around to face her roommate who’s normally angelic face was a mask of fury.


    “You did this!” She yelled.


    “W-what? No I didn’t.” 


    “Ugh, you lie like someone who’s never snuck out of their parents' house before.” 


    “How could I even make you fat overnight?”


    Gabby growled, letting go of Tara’s shoulders and waddling toward the couch. “I don’t know. You’re the one who’s trying to become a doctor. You must have poisoned me or something.” 


    “A doctor of psychology?”


    Gabby’s face scrunched up and she crossed her arms over her disproportionately small chest. Tara wasn’t sure if Gabby had a firm enough grasp on what psychology was to know why that would be so improbable, but she did at least understand that she’d been refuted. Still, Gabby wasn’t going to let go. She’d sunk her teeth into meat when she’d accused Tara, and she knew it. For all of her ditzy bumbling, Gabby was more savvy than Tara had given her credit for.


    “Okay,” Tara admitted, “but this is going to sound crazy.”


    “More crazy than me waking up fuckin’ obese?”


    Tara related the story about the woman in the red dress, the out of body experience she’d had while the woman talked to her about magic, and Gabby’s pizza binge the night before. Gabby listened closely without asking questions. When she’d finished, Gabby sat silently for a moment in what could have been mistaken for introspection. Tara tensed, ready for a rebuke.


    “You really thought I was mean?” She asked quietly. 


     Tara blinked. “Yeah, a little. I thought we were going to the mall together. I didn’t realize that you only wanted a ride until I got there. It was childish of me to assume.”

     “I wish you’d told me. I would have wanted you there. One of your death glares would have been just the thing for Mr. Handsy”

     “One of my death glares?”

     “You know, like: ‘Is pepperoni vegetarian?’” her voice took on a stereotypical valley girl falsetto as she quoted herself and then she rolled her eyes and fixed a withering half-lidded stare at Tara which the other girl realized was a pouty-lipped impression of herself.

     “I don’t do that.” Tara insisted. 

     “You so do. I would have invited you along, but…” The fatter girl’s face turned downcast, and she wrung her hands in front of her heavy gut. “I didn’t think you liked me very much.”

     Now it was Tara’s turn to blush. Gabby wasn’t exactly wrong. Tara hadn’t wanted anything to do with her blond bimbo of a roommate, but Gabby hadn’t exactly been mean. Her priorities certainly didn’t align with Tara’s, but so what? She was a freshman. A girl being a bit vapid wasn’t justification to turn her into a blimp. 

     “Come here.” she said, scooting closer to the chubby co-ed. “I want to try something.”

     “Do you think you can fix it?” Gabby asked, glancing down at her fatter belly, bottom lip quivering as she looked over her fattened body. Tara didn’t answer, instead taking the other girl's hands and focusing on recreating what she’d experienced in the bookstore. It didn’t come as naturally, but with some effort, she managed to slip out of herself until she was viewing Gabby the same way she had the day before.


     She focused more carefully on the thing she’d changed. Her own magical touch glowed before her eyes like a beacon of blue light, but wrapped around it was the crimson glow of the woman in the red dress. She tried to undo what she’d done and though her own magic reacted sympathetically to her touch, the red aura held it in place with a power far outside her current abilities. She tugged and strained, desperate to set right the damage she’d done and fell backwards, landing on the floor and letting go of Gabby’s hands.

     “What happened?” The bottom heavy bimbo asked. “Did it work?” 

     Tara sat up, groaning, and rubbing her forehead. “Let me try something else.”

     “I’m going to be stuck like this forever, aren’t I?” Gaby whined, pressing on her gut trying to compress it back to its former size. Tara stared at the mountain of wobbling flesh she’d made out of her roommate. Despite her increased size, it didn’t hide how obviously gorgeous she was. Her skin was smooth and blemish free and even marred by distress, her face was still as striking as if it had been carved from marble and soft as silk. Gabby had doubled in size, but she hadn’t outgrown the feminine ideal, she’d simply moved to a more niche form of gorgeous. 

     She stopped pawing at her belly long enough to catch Tara starring. “Don’t look at me like that. It’s creeping me out.”

     “Come on,” Tara said, getting to her feet and reaching forward to help Gabby up. “Get dressed. I have an idea.” 

     “Getting dressed” was more easily said than done. Gabby’s clothes had fit snuggly a hundred pounds ago, and the chances of getting any of her clothes over her prodigious ass seemed unlikely at best. They’d instead made their way up to Tara’s room, where the selection was not only larger over all, but also included a selection of apparel better designed for comfort than for fashion. 

     “Ugh. I hate shellfish.” Gabby complained as she pulled the Double XL Blue Oyster Cult T-shirt over her head. It covered her top handily with even her pudgy upper arms having plenty of space in the extra large arm holes. A roll of belly-fat it hung out the bottom, but at the very least Gabby was decent from the waist up. Tara handed her a pair of sweatpants, which Gabby looked at dubiously. She glanced over her shoulder at her incredibly fat booty with a grim expression. “I don’t think these are going to work.”

     “It’s just temporary.” Tara insisted, trying to remain optimistic, despite her own doubts. “We at least have to try.”

     Gabby nodded, her eyebrows furrowing in resolve as she leaned over as best she could to get her feet in the leg holes. She did a couple of quick hops which didn’t give her much height but sent her body into a fit of jiggle that Tara couldn’t bring herself to look away from. The second hop was enough to get the pants over her calves, but Tara could already tell that they were going to have a problem.

     The fabric was already tight around her lower-legs, and her thighs were another beast altogether. Gabby tugged and managed to pull them half way up her thighs. She stopped for breath, looking to Tara like an ice cream cone with her legs unnaturally compressed, and her butt spilling out of the top of sweats. With another tug, she slid them up to the top of her thighs with her behind hanging over the back. She slid her thumbs around to below each of her fattened cheeks and tugged a final time. The sweats gave. 


     There was a loud ripping sound and Gabby’s eyes widened as her cheeks turned a deep red. She shoved her hands over her face and the ruined sweat pants fell to the floor. The intact lower legs were still tight around her calves. Tara rushed over, kneeling down to examine the tear in the cotton fabric. It was grim. There was a six inch rip down the back of the cotton fabric. Even if they were able to get the sweats over Gabbys behind, they would still leave most of her ass exposed.

     “Maybe we should try a skirt.” Tara suggested.

     Gabby shook her head, face still covered. “No, a skirt isn’t going to work.” she whimpered. “If I can’t fit your sweat pants there’s no way I can fit any of my panties.”

     Tara paused. “Are you still wearing the ones from last night?” 

     Gabby’s gentle sobs cut short and she lowered her hands enough to make eye contact. “I’m not sure.” she admitted. Carefully, she laced her finger under her gut and lifted, while spreading her legs as much as the shredded sweat-pants would allow. Tara blushed as she looked up from where she kneeled between her roomates enormous thighs.

     “We’ll just make sure your skirt is extra long.” 

     Tara found a large ankle length pleated skirt from when she’d taken an Irish dance class in high school and was pleased to discover that it had a marvelously elastic waistband. They tried getting it over her behind with no success until Gabby suggested they pull it over her head. Her belly wasn’t much smaller than her behind, but it was softer and with some tugging and squeezing they managed to get the skirt around her waist. It hung lower in the front than in the back, but there was more than enough fabric to cover her behind and after hours of struggle Gabby was finally decent. 

     “What now?” She asked, a note of glee present in her voice despite the situation she was in. Tara guessed it was pride at her suggestion, solving the skirt issue.

     “Now we go back to the mall,” Tara said, grabbing her bag and heading toward the stairs.

     “Oh, thank god. Are we going clothes shopping? I feel so frumpy in this.” Tara turned and shot her one of her patented death glares, and Gabby froze. “No offense.”

     Fitting Gabby in the car also took some work. She wasn’t as supernaturally large as she had been last night, but Tara’s car was particularly small. It had been a bit cramped for the leggy blonde before she was fat. Now, sitting four inches higher off the seat and with a roll of belly fat getting in the way of her knee, it was downright claustrophobic. 


     Tara looked sympathetically at the cramped blonde and again thought about how lucky the girl was for not being fuller in the chest. If Gabby had Tara’s top-heavy build, her belly would be pressing her tits into her face, and she’d scarcely be able to see where they were going, though every bump caused her to hit her head on the ceiling. 

     When they arrived at the mall, Gabby was all too eager to get out, and she immediately began waddling toward the mall entrance. Tara grabbed her by the arm and redirect her toward the bookstore. She started to protest but caught on quick enough to what Tara was planning.

     “What are we going to do, ask for security footage?”

     “No, but that’s… not a terrible idea.” She glanced over at Gabby, a bit surprised. 

     “It’s what daddy did when he found out I was stealing nail polish when I was in middle school.” She shrugged. Tara led her to the psychology section and focused again. It was harder this time to get into her witch space, and she put a hand on Gabby’s shoulder for support. Immediately the world came into focus, and she could see the residual magic hanging over the spot where her and the woman in red had performed their spell. 

     For the first time, Tara noticed that she’d taken Gabby with her and she was staring puzzledly at the glowing spot as well. Gabby, she could tell intuitively didn’t have much magical aptitude of her own, but performing magic together somehow made it more powerful. 

     She focused on the red glow and once she’d bolstered her magic through Gabby, she was able to turn it into a trail, leading out of the books store and into the parking lot. Tara followed it, Gabby close behind, not needing direction this time. They hopped in the car and after a brief moment of helping Gabby with the seatbelt Tara put the sedan into gear and raced away.

     The path was a straight line rather than the curving trail of someone walking or driving and after half an hour of driving and doubling back they’d managed to track it into a seedy neighborhood and to a Mexican restaurant with a peeling sign and a “B” health grade. They got out and walked inside. It was nearly empty except for a family sitting in a booth in the back and the heavyset waitress at counter.

     “Hi! Can I help you--” She started, disinterested but when she looked up and made eye contact with Tara she froze. It took Tara a moment to recognise her with her hair up, face bare and with her red dress replaced by a frilly yellow blouse. She turned to run, and Tara rushed to grab her. She caught her by the sleeve, but the witch pulled free and ran for the exit. Gabby grabbed a bottle of hot sauce  from one of the tables and lobbed it at the woman. It connected soundly with the back of her head and she tripped, falling to the chipped tile floor. Tara turned to the blonde, stunned. 

     “Four years of softball.” She shrugged. The woman on the floor was getting to her feet when Gabby placed the foot of one lard laden leg on the small of her back. 

     “Hi!” Tara said, dryly as she kneeled in front of the waitress. “I think we should talk.”

     “Fine,” the witch grumbed. “But let’s go somewhere more private.” 

     The witch, it turned out, was named Cathy, and she was a waitress at her family’s restaurant and lived in an apartment right above it. The apartment was small, dimly lit, and smelled strongly of incense and marijuana. She parted the bead curtain in front of the door and let Tara and Gabby inside before she plopped into a beanbag chair in the living room.

     “So what do you want?” She asked, sounding annoyed as she pulled her hair out of its bun.

     Gabby gasped with all of the ire a rich woman could fit into a gasp, which turned out to be quite a bit. “What we want is for you to fix what you did to me.”

     “You mean what we did to you.” She pointed at Tara who stood guiltily in the corner. “It was a two person job, which is the whole reason you couldn’t break the spell yourself.” She held up her hand with her middle and index fingers crossed. “You two must have done something similar to get here. I’m surprised you were able to find me.”

     “So how do we fix it?” Tara asked.

     “Fix it?” Cathy laughed. “That’s live magic. You can’t just throw it away. At best you could transfer it to someone else, and there’s no way I’m helping you put that on me.”


     “So… I’m going to stay fat?”

     Cathy wrinkled her nose. “You’re probably going to get fatter unless you only eat a quarter of what you’re used to, and that’s going to be tough with what we did to your appetite.” Gabby’s hands balled into fists and her lip started to tremble as tears welled up in her eyes. 

     “You can’t just leave her life this.” Tara cut in, feeling suddenly protective of the other girl. “There has to be something you can do.”

     “Hey, you were more than happy to cast a spell on her yesterday. If it bothers you so much that some spoiled rich girl is going to get fat then I’m open to suggestions.” 

     Gabby looked up at Tara, with tear-filled eyes. In Gabby’s eyes she could see a million questions. What would her friends think? What would her family say? Gabby felt frightened and humiliated and alone, but despite having every reason to be angry Tara didn’t see an ounce of accusation. Gabby didn’t want someone to blame, she wanted a friend, and when it came down to it Tara had been a terrible friend to her roommate.

     “Fine,” Tara said flatly. “I have a suggestion...” 


Epilogue - One Week Later

     Gabby had been right about one thing. Tara did need to get out more. For Tara that would never mean going to the mall or clubbing or the things that Gabby liked to do, but their mutual misadventure had brought them closer together, and she’d be willing to step outside her comfort zone if Gabby would do the same. Gabby for her part was thrilled to be spending more time with Tara and was more than willing to try new things with her new “Bestie.”

     “I finished the nacho dip!” Gabby exclaimed, presenting a bowl of queso mixed with ground beef and salsa. She was still fat, maybe even a bit bigger than she’d been before, but she wasn’t gaining at nearly the rate she had that first night after being cursed. “Do you think it’ll be enough for the four of us?”

     “Hmmm.” Tara looked into the bowl quizzically. “Ryan and Jack aren’t big eaters, but between you and me…”

     “I’ll make more,” Gabby said with a wink, bumping one impressive hip into Tara’s own softening rear end. Ultimately, they’d decided to split the curse. Gabby had balked at the idea of transferring it to someone else and wouldn’t let Tara take the whole thing upon herself. Gabby, previously a staunch vegetarian, was better at limiting her food intake and had managed to curb most of her gain, but Tara was having more trouble and was rapidly catching up.

     Gabby’s friends hadn’t taken well to her change and had mostly abandoned her, but Gabby didn’t seem too put off. From what Tara had heard, they hadn’t been great people to begin with. Tara’s friends, on the other hand, were nerds and took to Gabby immediately. Despite being a heavy-weight, she was still gorgeous, and those fools fawned over her in the moronic, clumsy way that nerds do.


     In the last three D&D sessions they’d had, Jack had made a half dozen attempts to flirt with the burgeoning blonde, only for her to curtail his advances into an advantage for her own character, convincing him to give her all of the best loot and weapons. All the while, she shot winks and flirty glances across the table at Tara. Poor Jack. It could be so hard to get a nerd to take a hint. 

     While Gabby was setting up the card table, her phone buzzed and she reached into the pocket of her rapidly shrinking jeans to answer it. She grimaced and plopped down onto the couch as she read the message. Her ever-fattening tits shuddering with the force of the impact.

     “Bad news, Gab.” She called into the kitchen “Ryan’s car broke down, and he was Jack’s ride. No game tonight.”

     “Guess we’ll have to eat all this ourselves!” Gabby said, carrying the bowl of nacho dip out of the kitchen with a bag of chips under one arm. She dropped onto the couch next to Tara sitting a few inches higher than her on her expanded ass.

     “I’m not sure I need to get any bigger, tha--” She was interrupted by a chip being shoved into her mouth and melted under the delicious cheesy taste. Food tasted so good now, and even though she’d see it twofold in her waistline and on her tits, the temptation to indulge was nearly overpowering.


     “That’s right. If I have to be a big girl so do you.” Gabby teased playfully, almost pampering as she dipped another chip into the dip and fed it to her eager partner. “Honestly, I’m glad to have a night alone with you. Don’t think I haven’t caught you staring.”

     “W-what?” Tara asked between mouthfuls of cheese. She moaned and squirmed as her soft, fat belly became fuller and fuller. Gabby was so pretty. She flirted with everyone. There was no way that she wanted frumpy, chubby Tara. She moaned softly both in pleasure and discomfort.


     “Oh? Is your tummy full? That can’t be right.” With a flick of her finger, Gabby undid the button on Tara’s jeans and her belly swelled outward in all of its chubby glory. “Ooof. No wonder. You needed new pants days ago.” She teased rubbing circles around Tara’s navel. Each chip expanded Tara a bit more and Gabby was nearly half-way done with the bag. 


     “You know,” Gabby said, conspiratorially. “At first I was pretty bummed about being fat, but I’ve started to see the appeal.” Tara placed a hand on either side of her belly breathing heavily, but Gabby didn’t let up, feeding her another chip, which she took eagerly. “I don't think I’d want to be a fat girl by myself, but making someone else fat with me? Well… you’re the psychology major. I’ll let you figure it out.” 

     Tara couldn't believe what she was hearing. Did Gabby want to make her even bigger? She’d already put on at least twenty pounds, but it sounded like Gabby wouldn’t stop until Tara was even fatter than she was. She groaned as Gabby fed her the last of the chips, scraping nacho sauce off the bottom of the bowl. Her belly stuck out like a bowling ball and was nearly as firm if you didn’t count the layer of chub that coated her midsection. She huffed and puffed as Gabby put the bowl down on the coffee table and reached over to massage Tara’s growing belly.

     Her hands started on her stomach and slowly traveled up her shirt until they reached the front clasp of Tara’s monster bra.


     “I’ve got to say,” Gabby purred. “I’ve always been jealous of your tits.” Tara could stop this. As much as Gabby seemed in control, Tara could step into her witch space and take charge immediately. But did she want that? Tara wasn’t the sort of girl to let her emotions get the best of her. She wouldn’t let some bimbo with a pretty face have her way with her body. She was going to be a doctor, damn it. But even as she thought all that her hands crept down to the hem of her shirt and began to pull it up.


     “Nothing to be jealous of, Gabs.” She whispered as they rolled forward, bouncing and jiggling, against her bloated belly. “They’re all yours!” 

The End

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