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Birthdays and BBWs

Today's my birthday, and it just so happens to fall on a Wednesday! That means that it comes with new art! Here's a big milky Ulti from One Piece for your viewing pleasure! Oh what a week it's been! It seems like no matter how much work I get done there's still more fatties to draw. When I started drawing fat art, I thought that 10,000 watchers on Deviantart would be a good number to shoot for. Now that I've achieved that and half over again and I still can't afford rent, I wonder if I'll ever feel like I've accomplished what I wanted. I turn 29 today. I'm eagerly approaching thirty with hopes that things will make more sense once I'm a "real adult." For now, I keep trucking. Each new piece of art feels like a step toward some destination, though I have no idea what that might be or how far I still have to go. Tonight I started an art trade that I've been putting off and began planning this week's patreon exclusive. I also had some ideas about how to better implement my gallery. Making daily updates doesn't feel as daunting if I'm going to be posting on here daily anyway. Catch you on the flip side! I've got doodles to finish!


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