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Fat 'Till Friday - Demo

The Fat 'Till Friday Demo is now available to play on!

I'm proud to announce to release the first public demo of Fat 'Till Friday! This sneak peek covers the first day of Michelle's week post-fattening. Fat 'Till Friday is a point and click adventure featuring an active affinity system, three possible romances and tons of dialogue written by yours truly!

Fat 'Till Friday is still in development so I ask that you support the project on Patrons get access to early game builds, early access to my regular scheduled content, and help me buy lots of fattening goodies! 

Please comment your feedback bellow! As always, your support is what helps make my art possible, whether you help financially, or by commenting and sharing my work. Without you there would be less fat art in the world, and that's not a world I'd want to live in.

Thank you! 


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