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Immobility and and choice paralysis

I just finished up another commission! This one was an extra large Yuna from Final Fantasy 10-2. I was commissioned by Pawn (friend of the channel) and even though he has bad taste in jrpgs, It was a great time to make! Some of that is due to Pawn being awesome person to work with, but lately I've been enjoying making immobility commissions more often. As a rule I prefer to explore the plush and pampered aspects of the fat experience in my art. Immobility can be scary since it's limiting by definition and It's definitely not a kink that I want to explore in my real life. but I do appreciate exploring the fantasy from time to time.

Lately I've been very busy, and often having to work hard without seeing any immediate pay out. When there's so much to get done it's tempting to come to a halt and refuse to do anything.For me that feeling is at the primary appeal of the immobility fantasy. It's appealing to imagine having a very good excuse to do nothing. WIP posted bellow. Next on the chopping block is this weeks Patreon Exlusive!


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