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TW: Contains forced WG, fat shaming and comic book violence

Gwendolyn Vera Bradly: Hot young architect by occupation and world's greatest superhero by passion. But all of that changes when a super villain lands a lucky shot and expands her into a 250 pound butter-ball.

To protect her secret identity, she's forced to relocate and assume a new

alter-ego until she can slim back down... if she can slim back down

TW: Contains forced WG, fat shaming and comic book violence

Gwen struggles both in her new job and with her new body. Her attempts at losing weight aren't going well and a murder close to home causes her to suspect that there may be more to her transformation than just an attempt to slow her down...


TW: Contains forced WG, fat shaming and comic book violence

Gwen decides to take charge of her life and reclaim her super-hero identity, but an old enemy reveals himself and Gwen finds herself in the fight of her life.


TW: Contains WG and Cow-TF

Daisy Drew is a young professional with a secret fat kink. She stumbles across an unusual meme and clicking on it changes her body forever...

TW: Contains WG, Cow-TF, Lactation, Fat shaming and rapid-fire Humiliation for our new Cow-girl

After the events of her previous story, Drew finds herself still fat and unable to do anything about it. This story followers her through her first day as a cow-girl. From work to the doctor to clothes shopping.

Everything is tougher when you gain over 100 pounds over night.

Cow - Cow.png
the objectivist orange.png

TW: Contains WG, Fruit TF and Political Humor

Clementine is a conservative writer who enjoys nothing more than flexing her political smarts online.Her image is important to her, so when a strange pack of gum arrives in the mail Clementine's life is set to be changed forever...

TW: Contains WG, Butt expansion, Streamer nonsense

The E in E-girl is for expansion!

Cinnamon has furth expandable adventures.

cinnamons buns.png

TW: Contains WG, Butt expansion, Streamer nonsense

The E in E-girl is for expansion!

Cinnamon tries some new chocolates on her stream with unexpected results.

TW: Contains WG, Space peril, and Fat shaming

Cthonia is a space trucker. Her job is to deliver volatile materials at sub-light speeds to settlements across the galaxy. Normally she spends the journey in a stasis chamber, but due to a malfunction in her food supply things go a bit pear-shaped...

transport 1.png

TW: Contains WG, Fat shaming, FemBoi

In the dark forest of Wallachia an ancient evil awakens.

He finds a cottage and a woman who looks like easy prey, but this woman is a witch and she's been waiting for him.

TPP Title.png

TW: Contains WG, Fat shaming and Drug use

Set in a world where "cruel and unusual punishment" is the standard, Tiffany Blake is a music professor who's arrested for drug possession.

She's sentenced to appear on the Transformation Punishment Program and compete for the chance to avoid being turned into a total fatty!

Elf's end Cover.png

TW: Contains WG, Fat shaming, Intoxication, fantasy peril, Sex, Burping

Keara, an Elf Princess and treasure hunter, finds herself under a curse that will change that's rapidly expanding her waistline...

An Elf's End

Hippos and Hippy Fluff.png

TW: Contains WG, Inlfation, Body-hair, Needles

Darcy Moonchild is an environmental activist. She learns about a facility doing Genetic manipulation on their beef. But when she investigates she instead finds a herd of

hippos that have been fattened into orbs.

She becomes intimately familiar with the process.

TW: Contains WG, Fat shaming, Action peril

Eliza Hunter is an international woman of mystery! Of course, that means that her villains are equally eccentric. In this adventure, Eliza find's herself hanging over a pit and fattened by a mad scientist.

Can she escape, and if she does, will she ever see her toes again?

payton and lancelot - Cover Page.png

TW: Weight gain, Fat Shaming, Super hero Peril

Lancelot is finally settling into her life as a super-sized super-hero, but that doesn't mean

she's embraced her fatness.

Her roommate convinces her to attend a support group. That's where she meets Payton:  a college student who was also fattened by a super-villain.

TW: Contains WG, Fat shaming,

Tara is a college student with a bad case of terrible roommate. Gabby is vain, insensitive and, worst of all, way hotter than Tara in just about every way.

One chilly October evening Tara's jealousy catches the attention of a witch who has the perfect solution to all of Tara's problems.

TW: Contains WG, Fat shaming, 1960s style sexim

Remember those vintage comic-book ads for X-ray specs and Sea monkeys? Most of them were nothing but snake oil and empty promises, but Roxanne Carter, an aspiring writer with a closeted fat-fetish, lets her curiosity get the best of her when she sees an ad that claims it can make her wildest fantasy a reality!

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